TicketMiner is a proof-of-concept based on the paper “Proof-of-Work as Anonymous Micropayment: Rewarding a Tor Relay” [1] by Prof. Dr. Alex Biryukov and Dr. Ivan Pustogarov, allowing users to mine shares through their browser for specific websites and getting back in return tickets which they can either redeem for improved services or donate to websites.

The TicketMiner server application is a Node.js application. The server runs in the background on the website wishing to provide improved services or receive donations by TicketMiner clients.

The TicketMiner client application is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that runs inside the Firefox browser and mines tickets from TicketMiner enabled websites.

[1] Alex Biryukov, Ivan Pustogarov, “Proof-of-Work as Anonymous Micropayment: Rewarding a Tor Relay”, Financial Cryptography 2015, Puerto-Rico, USA.

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Online tracking is big business. Various companies are so widely used on the Web, that many (if not most) pages a casual user visits will embed their products. Examples include Facebook (‘like’ button), Youtube (videos), but also less visible aspects such as JQuery (popular Javascript library). Whenever a browser encounters such embedded contents, the embedded contents can determine the browser’s “fingerprint” – a set of attribute values of the browser (resolution, language, OS, browser version, etc). As such, they can track a browser across each and every page where they are embedded.

The FP-Block Firefox plugin ensures that each visited website is provided with a unique fingerprint. This ensures that all embedded parties also see that unique fingerprint, and thus no longer can track users across different websites.

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